Our mission

Mount Damavand Group has been active in planning and executing healthy recreational activities in the four seasons nature of Iran and is also officially responsible for the first and oldest camp of Mount Damavand under supervision of the Iranian Mountaineering Federation.

The Faramarzpour family is the basis of this group, which for many years now, has run the camp with hardship and suffering and has led the climbers to the summit of Mount Damavand properly and passed this burden on to younger generations. Today Rasoul Faramarzpour is continuing the path of those brave men.

Our tours mostly include mountaineering, climbing, trekking, skiing and mountain biking, We use the most experienced and skilled local guides and official mountaineering instructors to ensure that our programs are delivered with the highest safety and customer satisfaction.

We know that the first principle in successful management is continuous quality improvement.
In this way, your criticisms, demands and opinions help us make sure we are moving in the right direction, and we sincerely ask you to help us by sharing your thoughts. Contact us