Damavand Camp 1 (2055m)

Rineh Mountainous Complex known as First Camp of Mount Damavand and also the oldest among the others in Iran. This building was built in 1939 and has been renovated in 1968..
During all these years the Camp has been managed by Faramarzpour Family who know the mountains by heart and generations of experience.
The camp is located at an altitude of 2055 meters and 70km away from Haraz road on the southern face of Damavand mountain in a small town known as Rineh. Maybe it is better to say that Camp 1 is located right at the foot of the highest volcano in Asia.

Facilities of Damavand Camp 1:

  • Dining salon
  • Restroom
  • Private rooms for small groups
  • Public room for bigger groups or individuals
  • WiFi
  • Washing Machine
  • Hot shower