Mount Damavand (5610m) is the highest peak in Iran and the highest volcano in Asia. 2nd. most prominent mountain in Asia after Mt. Everest and Part of the Volcanic 7 Summits mountaineering challenge.
The summer ascent begins about early-June and ends in late-September.
There are at least 16 known routes to the summit. With varying levels of difficulty. Some of them are dangerous and require climbing skills.
There are 4 major routes which has shelters. The most popular route is the Southern Face with a camp midway called Bargah-e Sevvom (3rd. Camp) at ~4200m.
The Western Face has a shelter at 4100m known as Simorgh Shelter.
The longest route is the NorthEastern and has a shelter at 4300m known as Takht-e-Fereydoun.
The Northern Face has two shelters one at 3850m and the other at 4800m.
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