Cancellation Policy:

The start of the tour is the first date any of our services are used by the customer. e.g.: Transfer, Accommodation, Sightseeing and etc. Cancellation must be notified either by sending an e-mail, using text messaging platforms or contact us form at

The date of cancellation is the date we receive your message during the work days based on Official Iranian Calendar. Once the tour starts, there will be no refund if the customer cancels or changes the program for any reason.

Cancellation policy is based on number of the days remaining until the starting date of the tour and following conditions apply if customer decides to cancel the program*:

  • 3 Days or less than 3 Days or once the program has begun: Not Refundable

  • 4-7 Days: 25% Refundable

  • 8-14 Days: 50% Refundable

  • 15-21 Days: 75% Refundable

  • 22 Days or more than 22 Days in advance: 100% Refundable

We hold all the rights to cancel any program, under unavoidable circumstances in Iran such as natural disaster, canceled flights, strike, wars, riots, government intervention, unfavorable or dangerous weather conditions, prevalence of any contagious disease or any other untoward events. In such situations if we have to cancel the program, following conditions apply*:

  • Once program has begun: Almost Not Refundable

  • Before starting date of the program: Almost 100% Refundable

*The following items may be totally or partially non-refundable in all the conditions listed above:

  • Visa application fee and flight ticket

  • Booked accommodations in Hotels / Hostels / Mountain Huts / Camps / Shelters

  • All other reservations have been made for places outside our possession.

  • In cases where services are not rendered owing to tour cessation but we have paid, (or will pay) expenses, cancellation charge, penalty, or etc., we will refund only the balance thereof where possible.

Last update: Feb. 2023