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1What equipment is necessary for a climb up Mount Damavand?

The recommended list of equipment for climbing Mount Damavand:

Important Notice: We have divided it into two versions, for summer-like and winter-like conditions. You should be experienced enough to choose the right gear according to your climbing journey and also adapt it to other seasons and variable temperatures.

General Items:

- Smartphone (with GPS capability) + Usable SIM Card

- Passport & Travel Documents

- Personal Hygiene Supplies

- Personal Items/Medications/Prescriptions

- First Aid Kit

- Sunscreen & Lip Balm with SPF

For Summer-like Conditions:

- Sleeping Bag (Comfort -5°C)

- Suitable Backpack (40L)

- Appropriate Boots (Preferably waterproof trekking boots with good ankle support and a semi-rigid sole)

- Base Layers (Both upper & lower body - Preferably 2 sets)

- Suitable Trekking Pants

- Insulation Layers (Fleece, preferably Polartec + light Down/Synthetic Jacket)

- Weather-Proof Outer Layers (Upper body - Preferably Goretex)

- Spare Socks & Underwear

- Face Mask/Neck Gaiters/Multifunctional Scarf (x2) & Hat

- Gloves (Base layer gloves + Preferably waterproof 2-layer gloves)

- Water Bottle/Reservoir (1-2L)

- Small Insulated Bottle (for hot water)

- Trekking Poles

- Mountaineering Goggles/Sunglasses + Strap

- Headlamp

- Sun/Bug Protection

For Winter-like Conditions (In addition to or replacing items from the summer gear list):

- Sleeping Bag (Comfort -25°C)

- Warm Spare Socks (x3)

- Suitable Boots (Preferably double-layer mountaineering boots, which consist of an outer boot shell and a removable inner boot)

- Suitable Winter Pants (preferably with full side zip)

- Insulation Layers (Both upper & lower body - Fleece, preferably Polartec + medium/heavy weight Down/Synthetic Jacket)

- Weather-Proof Outer Layers (Both upper & lower body - Preferably Goretex with full side zip)

- Balaclava/Face Mask + Neck Gaiters + Multifunctional Scarf (x3) & Warm Hat

- Gloves (Base layer gloves + waterproof 2-layer gloves + Down gloves)

- Mountaineering Goggles/Glacier Glasses + Strap

- Headlamp with Extra Batteries

- Water Bottle

- Gaiters

- Ice Axe

- Crampons (Steel)

- Harness

- Carabiners (x2)

Depending on your specific journey and the list of services agreed upon in the contract, you might also need:

- Water and Food

- Cooking Equipment (Dishes, Utensils, Stoves, Gas Canisters)

- Bath Towel

- Washing Soaps, Shampoo, Hand Sanitizer

- Tooth Brush, Toothpaste

- Extra Clothes

- GPS Receiver

- Tent

- Sleeping Pad (Foam/Inflatable)

- Helmet, Rope, Climbing Ascender, Cord and Other Technical Gears

- Microspikes (Trail Crampons)

1How can I stay connected?

Obtaining an Iranian SIM card is crucial for tourists, as they are often unprepared for internet filtering in Iran. Most likely, common social media platforms won't function on their phones without the appropriate tools. In such situations, SMS becomes a necessary mode of communication.

We also recommend reading our post on Iran Travel Information for more details. Additionally, explore our communication methods on the contact us page.

1Will the tour be based on the contents of this page?

The short answer is YES! However, as our tours are customizable, we adhere to the final contract that will be sent to you as a PDF file and any out-of-contract services will include a separate charge.

1When is the best time to ascend Mount Damavand?

We provide services in all four seasons, subject to weather conditions, as your safety is our top priority.

Summer is the most popular time for ascents. It's no surprise that it can be very crowded during this period. We usually schedule our programs for less crowded times, taking into account public holidays.

As for winter or winter-like conditions, let's start with winter. Winter climbs are obviously for those who are highly experienced, well-equipped, and know how to deal with harsh weather conditions.

By "winter-like conditions", we refer to those times of the year that exhibit a mix of both summer and winter characteristics. These conditions usually extend the winter season, starting in mid-autumn and lasting until mid or even late spring. For these ascents, participants are required to be as prepared as they would be for winter ascents.

1How can we get Damavand permit?

The Mount Damavand permit is issued at Camp 1 and costs either €50 or $50. This fee is paid to the Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation.

1Hot shower and Laundry during the program?

Hot shower is available at Camp 1 (Rineh) and obviously in urban accommodations such as hotels, hostels. Laundry services are usually provided in city accommodations, please contact us to find out if these services are included in your accommodation.
A washing machine is also available at Camp 1.

1Can I recharge batteries during the Damavand program?

Electricity is accessible at Camp 1, as well as at both the Old and New Huts in Camp 3, thanks to power generators. However, the availability of electricity is not guaranteed and depends on the situation in Camp 3. Usually, it is available under stable conditions. Please note that you might not have direct access to electricity depending on your location within the New Hut.

1Why mountain guides are necessary?

It is strongly advised to have mountain guides. It would be very unsafe to rely only on electronic devices like GPS receivers or Smartphones, the high-altitude weather conditions are very variable, you may get lost or due to altitude sickness, make the wrong decision. Our mountain guides are experienced, they know different alternative paths and will keep the program under control.

1What is Acclimatization & is that necessary for ascending Mount Damavand?

Acclimatization is the body's natural means of correcting altitude sickness, the rate of high-altitude acclimatization depends on the altitude, rate of ascent, individual susceptibility and physical preparation. It is very popular to ascend Mount Tochal (~3960) in Tehran before your Damavand ascent, besides that some of our packages scheduled to have dedicated acclimatization time, but it will ultimately depend on our final contract and participants' conditions during the program.

1Do we need to have sleeping bag and sleeping pad for Damavand trek?

Sleeping bag is required for all camps except Camp 1 (Rineh).

Sleeping pad is not required at Camp 1
Sleeping pad is not required at Camp 3 (Renovated Old Hut/VIP Hut).
Sleeping pad is required at Camp 3 (New Hut).

1Do we need to have cooking equipment for Damavand program?

If you are getting our full package, you don't need to bring any single piece of cooking gear, we have covered all the requirements. if it is not full package, contact us for details.

1Do we need Crampons and Ice Axes?

Crampons and ice axes are not required during the summer. However, weather conditions can be quite variable. If we are managing your program, we typically provide updates about the latest trail conditions and the list of required mountain gear ahead of your trip.

1How prepared should we be?

It is expected to have some cardio exercises or aerobic sports in your lifestyle. running, cycling, swimming, skipping, jogging, dancing or even long everyday walks can help in increasing your stamina which will result in higher performance during your climb.