Service Terms

Fixed Departure Tours

These tours have pre-scheduled dates and offer the lowest prices, making them an ideal choice for those looking to save money or for individuals who can’t afford the cost of a pre-packaged tour. Please note that no changes to the itinerary or other services are possible for those who opt for this type of tour with the exceptions listed below. (Item removal doesn’t cut costs.):

  • Meals (you can ask for a specific regime or bring your own food)

Pre-packaged Tours 

These tours are well-planned and ready for you to enjoy. All you need to do is choose and explore. The prices for these tours are displayed on our website. Minor changes can be made at the same price, but for major changes, the price will be recalculated according to your needs. If you’re asking for major changes, then you’re transitioning from the pricing level of “Pre-packaged Tours” to that of a “Custom Request”. Below you can see the allowed list of minor changes. (Item removal doesn’t cut costs.):

  • Meals (you can ask for a specific regime or bring your own food)
  • Luggage Transfer (You can carry your own heavy backpack instead of using our porter/pack animal service where available)

Full Logistical Support

In this service, you inform us about your desired activities and we provide the plan and logistics to ensure an enjoyable experience for your clients. For instance, if you inquire about a journey to the peak of Mount Damavand, coupled with an overnight stay in the Maranjab Desert for a specific number of people on certain dates, we will provide a standard offer. This includes all necessary support during your journey, from airport transfers to accommodation reservations, meals, etc. However, our team will not lead or take responsibility for the journey. Instead, you will lead your journey based on our previously agreed itinerary, with our logistical support. This service can be utilized under either of the following conditions:

  • Airport to Airport Logistical Support
  • Tehran to Tehran Logistical Support

Custom Request

In this service, you have the freedom to request specific items according to your preferences. The responsibility we assume depends on the items you request.

Pace-Based Tour Categories

  • Express-paced: These tours are for those who love a high degree of challenge in a limited time and are physically fit. They are fast-paced and packed with action and adventure.
  • Balanced-paced: These tours offer a blend of adventure and relaxation. They are ideal for individuals with an average fitness level who enjoy a mix of physical activity and leisure time.
  • Relaxed-paced: These tours are for those who prefer a leisurely pace. They are designed with comfort and ease in mind, particularly for those who are uncertain about their physical capabilities, wish to take things slow, or would like to spend more time connecting with nature and culture.


  • In summer conditions, we assign one trekking guide for every group of five in trekking activities, and one mountain guide for every group of five in mountaineering activities.
  • In winter conditions, we assign one trekking guide for every group of four in trekking activities, and one mountain guide for every group of four in mountaineering activities.
  • In Ski tours, we assign one experienced guide for every group of four participants.

Cancellation Policy

The start of the tour is the first date any of our services are used by the customer. e.g.: Transfer, Lodgement, Sightseeing and etc. Cancellation must be notified either by sending an e-mail, using text messaging platforms or contact us form at

The date of cancellation is the date we receive your message during the work days based on Official Iranian Calendar. Once the tour starts, there will be no refund if the customer cancels or changes the program for any reason.

Cancellation policy is based on number of the days remaining until the starting date of the tour and following conditions apply if customer decides to cancel the program*:

  • 3 Days or less than 3 Days or once the program has begun: Not Refundable
  • 4-7 Days: 25% Refundable
  • 8-14 Days: 50% Refundable
  • 15-21 Days: 75% Refundable
  • 22 Days or more than 22 Days in advance: 100% Refundable

We hold all the rights to cancel any program, under unavoidable circumstances in Iran such as natural disaster, canceled flights, strike, wars, riots, government intervention, unfavorable or dangerous weather conditions, prevalence of any contagious disease or any other untoward events. In such situations if we have to cancel the program, following conditions apply*:

  • Once program has begun: Almost Not Refundable
  • Before starting date of the program: Almost 100% Refundable

*The following items may be totally or partially non-refundable in all the conditions listed above:

  • Visa application fee and flight ticket
  • The bookings made in Hotels / Hostels / Mountain Huts / Camps / Shelters
  • All other reservations have been made for places outside our possession.
  • In cases where services are not rendered owing to tour cessation but we have paid, (or will pay) expenses, cancellation charge, penalty, or etc., we will refund only the balance thereof where possible.

Last update: Feb. 2023