Damavand Pack Animals,
Off-road and City Transfer Services

Urban and Inter-City

Is there anything more welcoming than being greeted at the airport? Our airport transfer service ensures a hassle-free journey from Tehran's international airport (IKA), located outside the city to Camp 1 of Mount Damavand in Rineh or to your chosen destination, and vice versa.

Additionally, whether you’re looking to explore the city or travel across Iran, our services are at your disposal. Rely on our drivers for an uninterrupted and safe journey.

Below, you can find the pricing for some of the most popular routes, including from Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) to Tehran and from Tehran to Camp 1 of Mount Damavand.

Off-Road and Mountain Transfers

4WD between C1 & C2

We offer 4WD transport services between Camp 1 and Camp 2 on Mount Damavand. We recommend our clients to use this option for a more straightforward experience, as the path can be unsafe for pedestrians due to the risks posed by passing vehicles and stray dogs.

Please Note:

  • Weather and road conditions may limit our driving altitude to 2500m instead of exact location of Camp 2 (mostly in non-summer-ascents)
  • In certain conditions, such as when roads are impassable due to heavy snowfall, this service might be inaccessible. However, we will make every effort to transport you to the furthest point possible under such circumstances.

Pack Animals / Porters

You might prefer to carry less to save energy for the final climb to the summit, or you may have bulky equipment for a high-altitude experiment that needs to be taken to Camp 3. In such cases, we can transport your items in our duffel bags between Camp 1/Camp 2 and Camp 3, and back. Depending on the season and trail conditions, we use either pack animals or porters to ensure your luggage is carried safely and efficiently.

Please Note:

  • Each bag should not exceed 15KG in weight, otherwise it will count as an extra bag and incur an additional charge.
  • It is highly recommended to arrange this service in advance to avoid last-minute decisions and in-person interactions with untrusted individuals in the area regarding the transportation of your equipment during your expedition.

To apply for our transportation service, please complete the form and indicate what type of transportation you require for each day or trip. Once you submit your request, we will reach out to you via email or other communication platforms. After reviewing the information, we will notify you of the outcome.

    • Airport (IKA) - Camp 1:
      One-way trip (1-3 people)
    • One-way trip (4-8 people) €100/vehicle
    • Airport (IKA) - Tehran:
      One-way trip (1-3 people)
    • One-way trip (4-8 people) €45/vehicle
    • Tehran - Camp 1:
      One-way trip (1-3 people)
    • One-way trip (4-8 people) €80/vehicle
    • 4WD Camp 1 - Camp 2 (one-way):
      In summer conditions (1-5 people)
    • In winter conditions (1-5 people) €7/vehicle
    • 4WD Polour - Rineh (one-way):
      In Ski tours (1-4 people)

    • 4WD Rineh - Lasem (round-trip):
      In Ski tours (1-4 people)
    • Pack animal / Porter (Baggage Transfer)
      Damavand Camp 2 - Camp 3:
      In summer-ascents (one-way)
    • In winter-ascents (one-way) €30/bag

    Last update: Nov. 2023

    • The road near Camp 1 of Mount Damavand is blanketed in a thick layer of snow.
    • Hardworking pack animals rest at Camp 3, high on the slopes of the majestic Mount Damavand.
    • Our tour participants are in front of Camp 1, getting onto the 4WD to be transferred to Camp 2.
    • Mr. Faramarzpour stands next to his car in front of the Rineh Complex (Camp I of Mount Damavand).
    • The packer is directing the pack animals to the camp.
    • Mr. Faramarzpour is with his car at Camp 2, with Mount Damavand visible in the background.
    • Our clients’ backpacks are ready to be transferred from Camp 1.
    • Our transport service, ready at midnight at IKA airport, for the dedicated transfer of climbers to Camp 1 of Damavand.
    • Our robust 4WD transport service stationed at Camp 2 of Damavand.
    • After a heavy snowfall, the road to Camp 1 of Mount Damavand is beautifully blanketed in snow.
    • Pack animals, burdened with duffel bags, transport luggage to the campsite.
    • Transportation Service
    • Transportation Service
    • Hardworking porters are carrying duffel bags on a snow-covered slope to the camp.
    • A dedicated porter carries a duffel bag, navigating the rugged terrain at the foothills of the majestic Mount Damavand.