First Camp of Mount Damavand

Rineh Mountainous Complex, the first and oldest camp of Mount Damavand in Iran, offers a nostalgic space to connect with the history of Damavand ascents. It’s a place where climbers can get inspired by the unique atmosphere and begin their Damavand expedition. The building was constructed in 1939 and underwent reconstruction in 1968.

Throughout these years, the camp has been managed by the Faramarzpour Family, who possess extensive mountaineering experience and a deep, generational knowledge of nature.

Located at an altitude of 2055 meters and 70km from the Haraz road on the southern route to Mount Damavand in Rineh city, the camp is situated near the highest volcano in Asia, often referred to as the Roof of Iran.

Since its establishment, the camp has housed a notebook for guests to record their memories and leave handwritten notes. This enduring tradition ensures that visitors will always find something interesting to read and have the opportunity to add their own experiences to the collection.


  • Rooms (All rooms are equipped with beds, mattresses and blankets.)
    • Private rooms (Comfortable accommodations for small groups.)
    • Public room (Suitable for bigger groups or individuals.)
  • Dining salon
  • Restroom
  • Washing Machine
  • Hot shower
  • Equipment Room (It is possible to wash and place your mountain gears in this room during your stay.)


The booking procedure of Damavand Camp 1 (Rineh Complex) is very simple, select your first accommodation and fill rest of the form with your information, it's also possible to book three other places in addition to the Camp 1 in one request, after sending your request wait for us to contact you via e-mail or messaging platforms; After processing the information, we will inform you of the result.

  • We are officially responsible for Camp 1 of Mount Damavand.
  • It is required to have reservations in order to be accepted.
  • Please make sure to fill out the form with the correct spelling of your e-mail address and a valid mobile phone number.

    Price & Policies

    • Bed & Breakfast:
      Private Room (4 beds)
    • Private Room (4 beds | single occupancy) €40
    • Shared Room (10beds) €11
    • Full-Board:
      Private Room (4 beds)
    • Shared Room (10beds) €30

    All prices are written as "per person, per night".

    Learn more about the dishes, ingredients, and related information on the Meals page.

    Please Note:

    • Facilities may not be available all year round or may vary depending on the crowdedness and weather conditions.

    Last update: May 2024

    • The entrance to Damavand Camp 1 from street under snowy conditions
    • Old mountain gears in vitrine at Camp 1, Ice Crampons in zoomed view.
    • Old mountain gears in vitrine at Camp 1, Ice axe and other equipment.
    • Old photos of Damavand expeditions and Mr. Faramarzpour.
    • Old memorial books at Camp I of Mount Damavand.
    • A collection of photos from the expeditions organized by the Mount Damavand Group.
    • Benedikt Böhm and his team of the Sea to summit project in Iran with Rasoul Faramarzpour at Camp 1 of damavand
    • A view of the ancient building at Camp 1 of Mount Damavand
    • The platform in front of Camp 1 building with flower pots
    • Old mountain gears in vitrine at Camp 1, Ice Crampons
    • A partial view of the large shared room at Camp I of Damavand
    • Introduction of climbing equipment by Rasoul Faramarzpour during the workshop at Camp 1 of Damavand
    • The equipment room in Camp 1 of Damavand
    • Meeting hall inside Camp I of Mount Damavand
    • Meeting hall inside Camp I of Damavand
    • The clay tile work located above the entrance of Damavand Camp I
    • Camp 1 of Mount Damavand (~2055m)
    • Our tour participants are in front of Camp 1, getting onto the 4WD to be transferred to Camp 2.
    • Mr. Faramarzpour stands next to his car in front of the Rineh Complex (Camp I of Mount Damavand).
    • Our clients’ backpacks are ready to be transferred from Camp 1.
    • Transportation Service
    • Transportation Service