Bargah-e Sevvom

Camp III, also known as Bargah-e Sevvom, located on the south face of Mount Damavand, features two main shelters, the Old Hut at 4210 meters and the New Hut at 4230 meters, as well as a designated area for tents. Pack animals and porters might be available to transport backpacks or duffle bags to Camp 2 on Mount Damavand. More information and details about the reservation process can be found below.

Snowmelt Water Availability: The snowmelt water supply in Camp III of Mount Damavand is unpredictable due to natural conditions. It usually begins in early October. We recommend arranging your drinking water before starting your trip.

Old Hut (a.k.a. VIP Hut), located at 4210m

Managed by the Mount Damavand Group, the Old Hut at Camp 3 of Mount Damavand was completed in 1966. It underwent renovations from 2017 to 2019 to provide a cozy and comfortable space for a limited number of guests, prioritizing quality and comfort. Offering more Iranian-style hospitality and a warmer atmosphere compared to the New Hut, it is also referred to as Camp 3 VIP Hut among mountaineering enthusiasts.

  • Sleeping accommodation (Sleeping pad is not required at this shelter)
  • Dining section
  • Kitchen
  • Electricity (Limited power generator)

New Hut, located at 4230m:

The construction of the New Hut was completed in 2007. It features multiple rooms, a large public room, and a spacious hall designed to accommodate an increased number of mountain enthusiasts, along with a buffet offering basic food supplies. However, it may also be noisier and colder compared to the Old Hut.

  • Multiple rooms
  • A big public room
  • A large hall with electricity (Limited power generator)
  • Restaurant/Buffet of basic food supplies
  • Some beds are not equipped with mattresses, so a sleeping pad might be required.

Tents in Camp 3

This service is typically available from late May to late September. However, availability may vary based on occupancy rates and weather conditions.

  • We use 3-person tents to accommodate a maximum of 2 people.
  • We provide a mattress inside our tents, so having a sleeping pad is not necessary.


Don't get surprised in high season or harsh weather conditions, plan ahead and reserve your spot at Damavand Camp 3. Booking procedure of this shelter is very simple, select your first accommodation and fill rest of the form with your information, it's also possible to book three other places in addition to the Camp 3 in one request, after sending your request wait for us to contact you via e-mail or messaging platforms; After processing the information, we will inform you of the result.

  • We are officially responsible for Camp 3 (Old Hut) of Mount Damavand.
  • It is required to have reservations in order to be accepted in either shelter.
  • Please make sure to fill out the form with the correct spelling of your e-mail address and a valid mobile phone number.

    Price & Policies

    • Bed & Breakfast:
    • 2-Person-Tent €11
    • 2-Person-Tent (single occupancy) €16
    • Full-Board:
    • 2-Person-Tent €75
    • 2-Person-Tent (single occupancy) €80

    All prices are written as "per person, per night".

    Learn more about the dishes, ingredients, and related information on the Meals page.

    Please Note:

    • We determine your accommodation in Camp 3 based on various factors such as weather conditions, shelter capacity, comfort, and service quality. Your stay may be at any of, or involve a combination of renovated old hut, new hut, and tents.
    • Facilities at either camp may not be available all year round or may vary depending on the crowdedness and weather conditions.

    Last update: May 2024

    • Tents organized and maintained by the Mount Damavand Group at Camp 3
    • An overnight stay in a tent at Camp 3 on Mount Damavand
    • Damavand Camp 3: The large dining room tent on the lower left, smaller tents adjacent, the old hut in the center, and the new hut just a fingertip above.
    • Inside view: Our spacious tent at Camp III of Mount Damavand, serving as a dining room for climbers accommodated by the Mount Damavand Group.
    • Our spacious tent serving as a dining room for our clients at Camp III.
    • The new hut at Damavand Camp III lightly dusted with snow.
    • A few meters below: The new hut at Camp 3 of Mount Damavand.
    • The old hut (VIP hut) on the left, the new hut on the right top, with our valued clients at Camp 3.
    • Dining at Damavand: A table set with meals for climbers in the old hut at Camp 3.
    • Night at Damavand: Climbers tucked into their sleeping bags for an overnight stay in the old hut (VIP hut) at Camp 3.
    • A tent set up by the Mount Damavand Group.
    • From the old hut: A view of our tents and the spacious dining salon tent at Camp 3 of Damavand.
    • Our tents and two delighted clients at Camp 3 of Mount Damavand.
    • Inside view: A peek into the old hut at Camp 3 of Damavand.
    • A few steps higher: Overlooking the designated area for tents at Camp 3 of Mount Damavand.
    • The designated area for tents at Camp 3 of Mount Damavand.
    • Light snow at Damavand: The old hut aka. VIP hut at Camp 3 dusted with a touch of snow.
    • Sunset at Camp 3: A close-up view of our tents.
    • View from higher altitudes: The old hut and tents of the Mount Damavand Group at Camp 3 on Mount Damavand.
    • Looking up towards the New Hut at Camp 3 and the tents surrounding it
    • Tents provided by the Mount Damavand Group at Camp 3 on Mount Damavand.
    • Camp 3 of Mount Damavand (~4200m)
    • An inside view of one of the rooms in the new hut at Damavand Camp 3
    • Beds inside a room of the new hut at Camp 3 of Damavand
    • Beds inside Camp 3 (new hut) of Damavand
    • A partial view of the beds inside new hut at Damavand Camp III
    • Written in Persian, Damavand Mountaineering Complex, Bargah-e Sevvom. Established: 2007
    • Rasoul Faramarzpour and the clients inside Camp 3 (new hut) of Damavand
    • A breathtaking view of the night sky speckled with stars at Camp 3 of Mount Damavand.
    • Hardworking pack animals rest at Camp 3, high on the slopes of the majestic Mount Damavand.
    • The packer is directing the pack animals to the camp.