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This six-day trekking tour will first take you to Mount Tochal (~3964m), also known as the Peak of Love, located on the Alborz mountain range adjacent to the metropolitan area of Tehran. The journey then continues to the top of Mount Damavand, referred to as The White Giant (demon) in Persian Literature. With a well-planned itinerary and inclusion of all essentials, this tour ensures a stunning experience of viewing the grand capital city from high altitudes, in addition to climbing a 5610-meter volcanic mountain, which is the highest volcano and the second most prominent mountain in Asia.

You have the option to book it as is on your preferred date, or fully customize it the way you like.

Everything is ready for you to explore Persia, where you’ll uncover unique landscapes from Iran’s highest peak, hike an almost 4000m mountain near the grand capital city, and experience the warm hospitality of Iranians.

It is worth noting that during the climb, all participants will be evaluated by our tour leader and their health condition will be checked at Camp 3, so we proceed as safe as possible for the final attempt.

All the meals listed in itinerary are covered. If you have a special diet or any illnesses or concerns, please share it with us before purchasing the tour. Get in Touch


To make the tour more tangible, take a look at the itinerary, we have written what we do every day, what services we provide and where possible, included a picture of it.

Day 1: Shirpala Shelter

  • Transfer from Tehran to the starting point of the trek
  • Trekking to Shirpala shelter (~2750m)

Meals: Dinner
Accommodation: Shirpala Shelter

Day 2: Summit of Mount Tochal

  • Trekking to Tochal Summit (~3960m)
  • Descending by Gondola lift to city*
  • Transfer to Camp 1 (~2100m) in Rineh with a short stop at hostel/hotel in Tehran to collect your extra baggage.
  • Visiting the first and oldest camp of Mount Damavand
  • Issuing entry permit to Mount Damavand*

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Pack, Dinner
Accommodation: Camp 1 of Mount Damavand

*Read more in the Rules and Conditions section.

Day 3: Camp 3 of Mount Damavand

  • It is possible to put your extra baggage (packed) at Camp 1 and collect them when you return
  • Transfer from Camp 1 to Camp 2 (~3200m)* by 4WD Cars
  • Carrying duffel bags* from Camp 2 to Camp 3 by porters / pack animals
  • Trekking to Camp 3 (~4150m)

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Pack, Dinner
Accommodation: Camp 3 of Mount Damavand

*Read more in the Rules and Conditions section.

Day 4: Acclimatization

  • Trekking to an altitude of 4600m
  • Descending to Camp 3

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Camp 3 of Mount Damavand

Day 5: The peak of Mount Damavand

  • Trekking to the top of Mount Damavand (~5610m)
  • Descending to Camp 3

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Pack, Dinner
Accommodation: Camp 3 of Mount Damavand

Day 6: Tehran

  • Descending to Camp 2
  • Carrying duffel bags from Camp 3 to Camp 2* by porters / pack animals
  • Transfer from Camp 2 (~3200m)* to Camp 1 by 4WD Cars
  • Collecting the baggage
  • Transfer from Camp 1 to Tehran

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Accommodation: -

*Read more in the Rules and Conditions section.


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    Price & Policies

    Discover details about costs, available discounts, regulations, included and excluded items, as well as optional services.

    Price and Discounts

    The price for Tour ID 961:

    • For your desired date and for groups of at least two people: €668 per person + Permit
    • For your desired date and for solo travelers: Please contact us to get a quote.

    Notice: Mount Damavand Permit Fee is charged in USD by the Mountaineering Federation of Iran; it has been excluded from cost of the tour and must be paid separately and preferably in dollars or exact same amount in euros.


    • Check out our Promotions to find out for which discounts you are eligible.
    Inclusions and Exclusions


    • Tour leader
    • Mountain guide(s)
    • All listed meals
    • All listed Transfers
    • All listed Accommodations
    • Carrying duffel bags (Max 15kg/bag)
    • Hot shower in Camp 1
    • Mount Damavand Permit (Required)


    • Accommodation in Tehran (Hotel/Hostel)
    • Sightseeing
    • Hot springs
    • Official Certificate of climbing Mount Damavand
    Extra or Separate Services

    Local Tourist Attractions

    • Larijan Hotspring (€50/person)
      Round-trip Transfer from Camp 1 (Rineh), Bath, Traditional food (Iranian Kebab)
    • Visiting some historical attractions of Larijan (€50/person)
      Round-trip Transfer from Camp 1, Kafar Koli historical caves, Shekl-e Shah, Malek Bahman castle, Shahandasht Waterfall

    Visa Application Services

    • It varies depending on the holder's passport issuing country, for more information please reach out to us.

    Transportation Services

    • In some situations, you might require transportation services beyond those provided in the itinerary. We encourage you to visit Transportation for more information and submit your request to us.

    Mountain Services

    • Read more about facilities and conditions of Mountain Huts.
    • Read more about permits, guides, certificates of ascent, pricing, and more at Mountain Services.

    City Services

    • You might be interested in exploring deeper into the city. Our city guide, accommodation options, and similar resources can be found on City Services for further learning.
    Rules and Conditions


    To ensure a smoother and more enjoyable experience, please pay attention to the following items:

    • Sometimes the gondola lift at Mount Tochal is closed for various reasons like repairs, holidays or bad weather. If that happens, we will walk down the shortest way to the city and we will adjust the rest of the plan as we go along and depending on how the group is doing.
    • Pack animal or Porter: Each bag should not exceed 15KG in weight, otherwise it will count as an extra bag and incur an additional charge.
    • Depending on snow coverage and trail conditions, Transfer to / from Camp 2 by 4WD vehicles may be substituted to the altitudes up to 2500m.

    Cancellation Policy

    Your safety is our top priority. Tours may be cancelled due to unexpected circumstances, or you might choose to cancel your booking. Please refer to Terms & Conditions for the latest information on our policies.


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    We've got answers to your commonly asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. (contact us)

    1Will the tour be based on the contents of this page?

    The short answer is YES! However, as our tours are customizable, we adhere to the final contract that will be sent to you as a PDF file and any out-of-contract services will include a separate charge.

    1When is the best season to ascend Mount Damavand?

    Summer time is the most popular time, there is no surprise that it will be very crowded, we usually schedule our programs for less crowded times, contact us for more information about best time of ascent.

    1How can we get Damavand permit?

    We issue Damavand permit at 1st. Camp, Damavand permit costs 50 USD.

    1Hot shower and Laundry during the program?

    Hot shower is available just at 1st. Camp and obviously in urban accommodations such as hotels, hostels. Laundry services are usually provided in city accommodations, please contact us to find out if these services are included in your accommodation.
    A washing machine is also available at Camp 1.

    1Can I recharge batteries during Damavand program?

    There is access to electricity at Camp 1, also in Camp 3 with help of power generators at stable conditions.

    1Why mountain guides are necessary?

    It is strongly advised to have mountain guides. It would be very unsafe to rely only on electronic devices like GPS receivers or Smartphones, the high-altitude weather conditions are very variable, you may get lost or due to altitude sickness, make the wrong decision. Our mountain guides are experienced, they know different alternative paths and will keep the program under control.

    1What is Acclimatization & is that necessary for ascending Mount Damavand?

    Acclimatization is the body's natural means of correcting altitude sickness, the rate of high-altitude acclimatization depends on the altitude, rate of ascent, individual susceptibility and physical preparation. It is very popular to ascend Mount Tochal (~3960) in Tehran before your Damavand ascent, besides that some of our packages scheduled to have dedicated acclimatization time, but it will ultimately depend on our final contract and participants' conditions during the program.

    1Do we need to have sleeping bag and sleeping pad for Damavand program?

    Sleeping bag is required for all camps except Camp 1 (Rineh).
    Sleeping pad is not required at Camp 1
    Sleeping pad is not required at Camp 3 (renovated old camp).
    Sleeping pad is required at Camp 3 (new hut).

    1Do we need to have cooking equipment for Damavand program?

    If you are getting our full package, you don't need to bring any single piece of cooking gear, we have covered all the requirements. if it is not full package, contact us for details.

    1Do we need Crampons and Ice Axes?

    Crampons and Ice Axes are not required during the summer time. If we are running your program, we usually inform you about the latest trail conditions ahead of your trip.

    1How prepared should we be?

    It is expected to have some cardio exercises or aerobic sports in your lifestyle. running, cycling, swimming, skipping, jogging, dancing or even long everyday walks can help in increasing your stamina which will result in higher performance during your climb.